Established in 1976, Immedia has the experience and expertise to achieve your goals and make your event a success. Our sales staff is ready to meet with you to discuss your needs whether it be staging, lighting, search lights, sound, red carpet, video, or power generation.

      We can assist you from your concept to its completion by providing project managers and highly skilled personnel to ensure your goals are achieved. We work with clients throughout the Northeast and deliver on time and on budget. Our event coordinators are on site to ensure a flawless execution of your event, no matter how small or large. When your event is over, you can get back to business while we take care of the equipment breakdown and return.

      We work with film companies, corporate event coordinators, production companies, theatres, auditoriums, schools, musicians, touring shows, outdoor venues, production managers, designers and any other event planners. We also have a rental department for public and private events. Immedia will make your event a success because we have the know-how to do it and do it right. No matter the size, Immedia has the right tools and personnel for your event. We offer packages for simple sound amplification to full stage productions that integrate power, lights, sound, video, and staging.

"I really believe that the customer comes first." - Jerry Kopoyan, Owner



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Lighting Services

We provide a wide range of lighting for indoor and outdoor events. The perfect lighting plan will enhance your presentation and accent the theme of your event.


Immedia lighting makes artistic illumination of large indoor and outdoor spaces and objects a practical reality.

Our design team will tailor a lighting scheme for your event, whether it is a simple accent lighting or an elaborate stage show with intelligent lights.

Audio Reinforcement Services

Proper sound is crucial to any event. Immedia offers clear and consistent sound so your audience clearly hears the message. We provide concert quality design and reinforcement for all types of needs. With state of the art audio production equipment and a staff of trained sound technicians, you can be sure your project is in good hands.

We provide a wide range of sound packages from simple amplification to large cast full stage productions.

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» Large Outdoor Events
» Political Gatherings
» Grand Openings
» Trade Shows

» Stage Events
» Graduations
» Sporting Events
» Movie & TV Production
» Equipment Rentals

Immedia's staff is knowledgeable and helpful. We understand the importance of audio/visual communication to represent the image that will benefit you and your organization.

Immedia rents, manages installs, and sells quality audio equipment from major manufacturers who are committed to reliability and professionalism with a value.

Searchlight Services

Immedia is a leader in night-time visuals.

We offer a wide range of choices to call attention and grandeur to your business location or to your event.

Our Skytrackers are a popular choice as a compact and attractive alternative to the traditional carbon arc searchlights. Skytrackers are quiet and they are mounted in pickups or on trailers. Positioning and transportation of Skytrackers is simple and convenient and are ideally suited for tight areas such as city streets and congested business areas.

Our super bright searchlights, also known as carbon arcs, are big and impressive and we can provide one billion candle power of attention grabbing light.

Immedia's search lights and skytrackers can be seen for miles, drawing tremendous awareness to your event. Call today for a quote.

Power Services

Immedia offers the latest and most complete variety of event specific generators.

Our power options include small and efficient 2000 watt units to motion picture grade low-noise 180kVa Crawfords. Our Crawford Twin-Pack generators can be coupled together for uninterrupted smooth power, that clients can rely on.

We have a complete inventory of electrical distribution products (cabling, distribution boxes or panels, disconnects) for indoor and outdoor use. We are fully licensed and insured to deliver, set-up and operate our complete packages leaving you with little to do except enjoy the power.

Major film studios and athletic teams have utilized Immedia's generators to assure uninterrupted power for their event.

State Fairs, Winter Carnivals, Colleges, Staged Events, Sports Teams and a myriad of other users have found Immedia to be a reliable power partner for lighting, sound, temporary heat and air conditioning.

For critical organizations including medical, fire, emergency management and businesses where on-going power is necessary, Immedia can provide the power equipment to produce power in an emergency situation.

We invite the private and public sector to find out more about our power services.

Climate Control Services

Whether it is heat in the winter or air conditioning in the summer, Immedia offers top quality climate control for tents, gyms, function halls, theatres, or wherever your event is taking place.

Immedia's electric heating system which is backed by the power of our top quality event generators can provide a warm and inviting environment anywhere you want to go. And because our heating systems are electric and not propane we have removed the chance of serious injury from propane tank accidents. Immedia can handle any size enclosure from 30 sq ft. to 20,000 sq. ft. with multiple structures and locations.

So if you don't like the weather outside, don't wait for it to change, call Immedia. We will create the perfect environment for your event any time of the year.

Video Services

Immedia offers a full range of video services for event presentation and archiving.

We offer video projection in any size, with live multi-source switching. These sources can include video clips, PowerPoint, IMAG (image magnification) and others. We utilize top quality equipment to give a clean and clear image on the screen.

The most important part of any video system is the final image. Immedia offers two superb solutions; projectors and plasma Screens.

Immedia's plasma screens are a perfect fit for smaller meetings where a projector would not work.

For larger events we have screens ranging from 6 feet to 20 feet and projectors with 1K lumen (brightness) to our high quality 12K lumen lamps coupled with programmable color filters.

Immedia offers a wide range of video creative services to assist you in making any of the visual elements you may need for your event. This includes PowerPoint creation, graphic logos, video intros, walk-in loops, and other visual backgrounds.

Equipment Sales

We currently do not have any items for sale.

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